Casey Voegeli

Executive Partner

CASEY VOEGELI: An entrepreneur from Wichita, KS with extensive manufacturing and real estate experience. Casey studied business administration at the University of Kansas and Wichita State University before joining his family business, Exacta Aerospace Inc., in 1997. Exacta manufactures aerospace structures and assemblies for commercial, business and military aviation. After joining the company in 1997, Casey helped grow the business into one of the largest privately held aerostructure manufacturers in Wichita before selling to a Fortune 500 industry leader in 2013. Following the sale of Exacta, the Voegeli’s founded Birds Eye Holdings, LLC. Birds Eye’s current portfolio includes over 750,000 s.f. of direct real estate and over 50 syndicated commercial real estate investments throughout the U.S as well as two operating companies, Cocoa Dolce LLC., an artesian chocolate company purchased in 2015 and MAX Aerostructures, founded in 2016, which manufactures aerospace structures and assemblies.